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Cats looking for owners


About protection transfer activity of Amami cat club

Currently, we are doing our best to solve Amami's cat problems, such as enlightenment activities and conservation activities, despite the lack of personnel, funds, and facilities. In such a situation, in addition to protecting cats at the cat club, we also accept consultations from people who want to protect cats outdoors and cats that could not be overlooked at home! As a help that the cat club can do, we will do our utmost to support breeding, such as mediation of transfer and replacement of agency and medical expenses.

UnderstandingWith more cooperation, we can save the unfortunate cats outside, and we may move closer to Amami Oshima, where people, cats and wild animals can coexist in a better environment as soon as possible.

In addition, we are always looking for people who can help with protection and transfer, as members, supporters, or volunteers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

There are some promises to mediate the transfer.

After making a promise, we will support you until the transfer.

<Note> The Act on Welfare and Protection of Animals stipulates punishment for the act of abandoning (abandoning) pets and pets (general pets including dogs and cats and livestock). Please note that the police will be notified in the unlikely event that there is an act of abandoning a cat at a facility related to this organization.

Note: Corresponding cats are limited to Amami Oshima cats. In addition, the protector is also limited to those who live in Amami Oshima. 




About proper breeding

"Keeping an animal" requires not only love but also money and time. Unlike stuffed animals and toys, it is a creature with the same life as a human being who lives in a straitjacket. By taking care of everyone, the number of cats that are slaughtered or fallen over will be reduced.

In addition, damage to Amami rabbits will be reduced. Be a gentle owner who listens to what you want your cat to do.  

In addition, Amami Oshima has ordinances that must be observed when keeping cats. * Click here for details

Similar "Ordinances on Proper Breeding and Management of Domestic Cats" have been enacted in all five municipalities of Amami Oshima, Amami City, Tatsugo Town, Uken Village, Yamato Village, and Setouchi Town. The Amami Cat Club is also working to spread and enlighten proper breeding in accordance with this ordinance.

  • 奄美猫部 | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ 一般社団法人奄美猫部
  • 奄美猫部 | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ 一般社団法人奄美猫部
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