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Application for transfer of cat

STEP.1 Confirmation of transfer conditions

STEP.2 Fill out the selection questionnaire


STEP.3 Inquiries

Please contact the application form below or the secretariat directly.

STEP.4 Home visit

We will check if there is a risk of escape and give advice on escape prevention.

STEP.5 Visit with a cat





The meeting will be held after adjusting the date and time and place.

STEP.6 Trial (trial period)

After signing the pledge, you must start with trial breeding for a few days to a few weeks.

STEP.7 Transfer decision

​If there are no problems, the transfer will be decided. After the decision, the contribution will be paid.




About transfer of Amami Oshima to outside the island

Basically, it is limited to those who live on the island, but if you wish from outside the island, please note that all such transportation expenses and transportation expenses will be borne by the applicant. Please ...

We are also looking for the cooperation of conservation groups who will act as an intermediary when transferring to the outside of the island.

We also welcome inquiries from conservation groups who support and understand the activities of the Amami Cat Club.

  • 奄美猫部 | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ 一般社団法人奄美猫部
  • 奄美猫部 | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ 一般社団法人奄美猫部
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