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What kind of animal is a cat in the first place?

猫ってどういう動物? | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ『一般社団法人奄美猫部』

・ Soft hair and soft body

・ Eyes that look good even at night

・ As good as dogs, both smell and hearing.

・ Sensitive sensation of beard and tail

・ I like cleanliness

If the toilet is dirty, such as hair styling, it may be moved to another place (cause of rough phase)

·sleep well

Two-thirds of the day is sleeping, and it is said that he is conserving his physical strength in order to exert his full power at the moment.

猫ってどういう動物? | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ『一般社団法人奄美猫部』
猫ってどういう動物? | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ『一般社団法人奄美猫部』

・ Has sharp nails and teeth

Because it is said to be the strongest hunter, humans can be seriously injured or infectious if bitten.

・ Good at moving quickly

Since I was a kitten, I learned hunting as part of my play. Sometimes hunting is not just for eating, but as a play.

・ I am also good at climbing high places

With supple muscles, he is also good at jumping. Excellent motor nerves.

・ Things I'm not good at

I'm not good at strangers / unknown places, I'm not good at places I've never been to / first time, I'm not good at loud noises and voices, and getting wet with water. → Sensitive to changes in the environment and delicate

猫ってどういう動物? | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ『一般社団法人奄美猫部』
猫ってどういう動物? | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ『一般社団法人奄美猫部』

・ High fertility

It becomes possible to breed in 6 months after birth. In addition, an average of 3 or 4 animals are born at one time. It is possible to give birth two or three times a year.

Amami Cat Club thinks that it is important for the owner to understand the characteristics of these cats well, think about what kind of environment is comfortable for cats and humans, and raise cats.

About proper breeding

"Keeping an animal" requires not only love but also money and time. Unlike stuffed animals and toys, it is a creature with the same life as a human being who lives in a straitjacket. By taking care of everyone, the number of cats that are slaughtered or fallen over will be reduced.

In addition, damage to Amami rabbits will be reduced. Be a gentle owner who listens to what you want your cat to do.  

Similar "Ordinances on Proper Breeding and Management of Domestic Cats" have been enacted in all five municipalities of Amami Oshima, Amami City, Tatsugo Town, Uken Village, Yamato Village, and Setouchi Town. Click here for details


Register with the city hall / government office

In Amami Oshima, registration is required for cat breeding under the "Ordinance on Proper Breeding and Management of Domestic Cats". Registration fee ¥ 500 (Because the tag is easy to lose, please be careful not to lose it by writing down the number.)


Microchip embedding

A microchip with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 8 to 12 mm is implanted under the skin behind the neck. In addition to being more likely to be found away from the owner in the event of a lost child or disaster, the ordinance requires it as a reliable proof of identity to clearly indicate the owner of the pet.


Perform contraceptive / castration surgery

Cats give birth to many children at once. If you breed them unnecessarily, more cats will have a poor ending. Surgery can be performed from 5 to 6 months or older. If you perform surgery as early as possible before sexual maturity, you will be free from stress (marking, crying, etc.) due to estrous cycle, and you will be able to lead a stable life for the rest of your life. It is the owner's responsibility to perform surgery. In Amami, contraception and castration surgery are required by ordinance if cats are unavoidably kept outside.


Attach a collar / lost card

There are also many cute collars. Put on a tag to specify the owner or a lost child tag. Write down the registration number, owner's name, and contact information on the lost card to protect the cats while dressing up. In addition, since the collar is easy to come off, it is obliged by the ordinance to use it together with a microchip. (With exceptions)


Treatment of excrement

I like cats very pretty. Set up a cat litter box in your room and clean it frequently. Some cats may be sensitive to taste, but choose your favorite sand or sheet to be as stress-free as possible.


Keep in the house

The only problem with cats is that they are taken outdoors.

You may feel sorry for the small space, but there are many ways to make you feel comfortable. Depending on the owner's ingenuity, you can be happy enough. On the other hand, going outside is more dangerous than getting sick or having a traffic accident.

・ I will devise a way to move up and down. (By arranging furniture, etc., you can make a step or use a commercially available cat tower.)

・ Ingenuity of escape prevention measures (Be sure to close the key, attach an inner door. Do not leave the door or window open. Use an oversized cage, etc.)


Health care, vaccination, etc. 

There are many infectious diseases of cats such as feline AIDS and feline leukemia. Some illnesses can be prevented by preventing them. Vaccine and regular checkups to maintain your health.


Keep in mind communication

"Playing with grooming and toys will make cats happy and deepen their ties with their owners. Regular nail clippers will prevent injuries to people and prevent furniture and pillars. It will also help prevent scratches. Also, it is a good idea to prepare a place for nail clippers. Observe the cat's appearance, "How do you want it to be touched?" "What do you want it to do now?" Then, please listen to the voiceless voice.

Ministry of the Environment website "Oath! Declaration of zero irresponsible owners !!"

Ministry of the Environment website "Let's think about pet food !!"

  • 奄美猫部 | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ 一般社団法人奄美猫部
  • 奄美猫部 | 人も猫も野生動物も住みよい奄美大島へ 一般社団法人奄美猫部
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